Brussel (Brussels)

The whole world comes together in Brussels, with a different continent around every corner, from the exotic Matonge quarter to the stately elegance of the European institutions. The capital of Belgium has a vibrancy like no other and the formality of its ‘hard’ metropolitan structure is softened by the authentic, working-class ambiance of its more popular districts. In the shadow of the majestic Market Square, Manneken-Pis is permanently peeing. This diverse city reconciles the chic sophistication of the Zavel with the folksy informality of the Vossenplein. Royalty watchers rush eagerly to the Paleizenplein, art lovers can do their thing at one of the more than hundred museums and galleries, such as the Magritte Museum, the BOZAR (Museum of Fine Arts) or the Horta Museum. Foodies hurry to the numerous food temples and gastronomic restaurants. Vintage-lovers climb to the top of the Atomium. And in the city where both Tintin and the Smurfs were born, comic lovers will find more than 50 comic-strip walls and a renowned Comics Museum.

there is a direct train connection between Bruges and Bruxelles-Central (Brussels- Central, journey time: ca. 1.00-1.15 hours; www.belgiantrain.be).



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