Brujas cierra durante el invierno

Hay ciudades cuya belleza se realza cuando hace más frío. Brujas es una de ellas. Cuando desaparecen las aglomeraciones, el patrimonio mundial de Brujas muestra su lado más bello. Piérdete por las callejuelas que rodean la Vette Vispoort o disfruta de un té bien caliente en el Hotel Orangerie. Los animados rincones de Brujas harán que te olvides de hibernar.

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The best coffee, tea & hot chocolate spots in Bruges

Here’s my humble list for the best coffee & tea spots in Bruges. The cherry on top, there are some suggestions for hot chocolate as well. Tchin- tchin!

Slow down with a winterwalk in Bruges

There is no doubt that every season in Bruges has its own charm. But winter and Christmas time provide a magical experience!

The best places for hot drinks on cold winter days

Hot drinks are strongly connected with the winter time. And a properly prepared hot drink does not only warm your hands, but also your heart!

How a beautiful old city shines during the night

Bruges is a beautiful town that turns every walk into a fairy tale. Taking a night walk through the city, I was impressed by its nocturnal beauty. The night gives a special glow to the streets, the trees, the amazing canals and the water.

Bruges central cemetery: beauty amongst the fallen

The central cemetery of Bruges is one of the oldest and biggest urban cemeteries in Flanders. A beautiful place with over 200 years of curious town history and idyllic nature. Only a 15 minute walk from the Katelijnepoort, located in the south east district of the town.

Discover the loveliest corners of Bruges while making a cheerful winterwalk

Winter. That time of the year when Bruges turns into a city full of lights. A city where you can have a cozy walk through lovely snowy streets and where you can enjoy a wonderful peaceful atmosphere.