Bruges' wood- and wetland

The Bruges’ wood- and wetlands form a green belt around the city. Here time passes more slowly and living the good life is all that counts. There are several star-rated chefs in the area, as well as numerous passionate regional producers. Add to this the picturesque canals that criss-cross the region, the flat polders that are a paradise for cyclists and the many historical buildings surrounded by lush greenery, and you can soon see why the Ommeland is a place that will live long in your memory. The world heritage city of Bruges is the beating heart of the region; the nostalgic towns and villages that surround it are its soul. Burgundian strolls through romantic castles, soaking up the history in Damme, Lissewege or one of the other timeless villages: anything goes, but there are no ‘musts’. Everything is chill. Perhaps it’s time to recharge your batteries and enjoy the delights of the Bruges Ommeland to the full!


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