Bruges' wood- and wetland

The Bruges’ wood- and wetland is a green region surrounding the city. It is the ideal place to press the ‘pause’ button for a moment, allowing the stresses of daily life to gently fade away. Here, the clock ticks just a little more slowly and the good life is all that counts. Perhaps for this reason, the ‘Ommeland’ is home to several star-rated chefs, as well as numerous passionate regional producers. The pleasing canals, the open polders (that encourage cycling towards the coast) and the many historic buildings set amidst the greenery all add up to make a captivating region of great beauty and simplicity. The world heritage city of Bruges is the beating heart of the region, but the surrounding villages and small towns, steeped in old-world charm, are its soul. You can wander around in castles or soak up history in Damme and Lissewege. In fact, there is so much to do that you will be spoilt for choice!

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