Bruges Triennial 2018: Liquid city

Vloeibare Stad | Liquid City

Contemporary art and architecture route in Bruges

5/5/2018 – 16/9/2018 – www.triennalebrugge.be

In 2018, the Triennial will return to Bruges for the second time. Held once every three years, this artistic route, with surprising installations by celebrated artists and architects, is spread right across the city centre. The Triennial explores the future of a city like Bruges, and hopes to serve as safe point of reference. Bruges as a fluid city, open and committed, a motor of social, cultural and political change. Bruges as a breeding ground for innovation and renewal. Just like the city’s medieval citizens, who first gave Bruges its shape and form, today’s residents also share common dreams for the further development of life in Bruges. Bruges Triennial 2018 seeks to stimulate interaction and lay new and solid foundations for the future of the city. A liquid city, quite literally surrounded by water, but also liquid in a metaphorical sense, as a city in constant and flowing artistic movement, sometimes storm-tossed, sometimes peaceful and calm.

Artworks and artists Triënnale 2018