Bruges' masters

When the Flemish cloth industry lost its importance in the 15th century, Bruges turned its attention to the production of various luxury goods. The creation of those quality products was checked, and protected, by guilds, and later on the craft industry. Besides panel painting of the Flemish Primitives, Bruges excelled in the goldsmith art, the production of illuminated manuscripts, diamond cutting and lace-making. Today, the World Heritage City is still an international centre of refined craftsmanship.

  • Creative entrepreneurs
    Creativity has ruled the roost in Bruges for centuries, and so it comes as no surprise that the city is still home today to an extraordinary number of creative entrepreneurs – impassioned individuals who devoted themselves wholly to their arts, amazing...
  • Lace
    Since time immemorial, Bruges and lace have been inextricably linked.
  • Award-winning restaurants
    Bruges is not just one of Europe’s gastronomic centres, two reputed colleges – Spermalie and Ter Groene Poorte – train culinary talent who do well internationally.
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