Bruges is triggering activity on the Richter scale

A panoramic view on the historic town, an impressive art collection and acoustics that reduce you to silence: Concertgebouw Brugge, the Bruges Concert Hall, has it all! This international music and arts centre is built on 5,000 springs that together can cause a small earthquake. Are you ready for the jump?

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Like a fiddler on the rooftop of the Concertgebouw

Bruges, Sounds great !

Visiting the Concertgebouw gives you vibes. Surely that is because of its reputation as a vibrant meeting place and a major international arts center.

A dazzling December Dance night by Forsythe and Sciarroni

Bruges, Sounds great !

As one of the last beautiful surprises of 2017, the annual international dance festival, ‘December Dance’ took place in Bruges last month. This renowned festival is a collaboration between Cultuurcentrum Bruges and the Concertgebouw and started in 2006.

Throwback to Iedereen Klassiek - an event for all types of musical hearts

Anyone who has attended in recent years will confirm it: ‘Iedereen Klassiek’ is a veritable feast of classical music. Classical music comes in all shapes and sizes, for every emotion and every occasion: ‘Iedereen Klassiek’ bathes everyone and everything in the city in a joyful classical-music bath.

Let’s have a fantastic evening in the most beautiful theatre of Bruges

Bruges, Sounds great !

Let's visit this beautiful theatre in the centre of Bruges and let yourself be immersed in the history and architecture of this historical building.