Bruges hides a secret message by Hans Memling

In the 15th century, the thriving trading town of Bruges was the cradle of the Flemish Primitives. Today you can still admire the masterpieces from painters such as Jan van Eyck and Hans Memling in full glory in the many museums in Bruges. But keep your eyes peeled! Memling’s world-famous Saint John altarpiece could be hiding a secret message…

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Jan Van Eyck: an artistic break in Bruges

The Flemish primitives

Tourists come to unwind in Bruges, seeking its rich cultural, artistic and architectural heritage. And talking of culture and history in Bruges, means spending time with Jan van Eyck.

Marvel at the Flemish Primitives' Paintings in Sint-Janshospitaal and Sint-Jakobskerk

The Flemish primitives

Sint-Jakobskerk (St. Jacob’s Church) is a parish church in Bruges while Sint-Janshospitaal (Saint John’s Hospital) was a medieval hospital currently turned into a museum. Both are now bestowed with splendid art from the Flemish Primitives.

Smoke of the Failed Utopias, Ashes of the History, A Fable Mumbled


South Africa's virtuoso artist William Kentridge's exhibition 'Smoke, Ashes, Fable' is in Bruges with a special selection of the artist's works. Reframing the history, the exhibition invites us to feel about trauma and healing in its remarkable setting.