What better thing to do now than to settle down in your seat with a good book in which your favourite destination has a main or supporting role.


  • Bruges-la-Morte (1892) by Georges Rodenbach:
    The mysterious classic by Georges Rodenbach from 1892.

  • La petite dame en son jardin de Bruges (1996) by Charles Bertin:
    Bertin's tender portrait of his grandmother, that little lady in her garden in Bruges.

  • L'enfant de Bruges (1999) by Gilbert Sinoué:
    Story about 13-year-old Jan who is adopted and ends up as an apprentice in the Bruges studio of painter Van Eyck.
  • Het zwaantje van Brugge (2019) by Terry van Driel and Julie Rodriguez:
    In this book toddlers and pre-schoolers can discover the little swan of Bruges. Each page has an accompanying piece of text in rhyme in Dutch, English, French and Spanish.
  • Medieval Bruges (2019) by Jan Dumolyn and Andrew Brown:
    Impressive biography of a city! Never before has such a complete history of Bruges appeared.
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