Besonderes Menü für Brügger Schafe

Von Sternerestaurants und charmanten Bistros bis zu feinsten Delikatessenläden: Begeisterte Foodies aus der ganzen Welt nehmen gerne einen Happen aus Brügge zu sich. Ihre Wünsche sind ein Befehl und das gilt auch für die Schafe in und rund um die Stadt. Diesen Feinschmeckern wird täglich zur Mittagszeit ein ganz besonderes Menü serviert …

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Markets in Bruges


Markets are one of the typical Flemish traditions. Shopping products from local sellers in fresh air – what else do you need? In Bruges you can choose different types of markets and you can get so much more than food. How to describe this experience in three words? Fresh, high-quality and delightful. Let´s check what, where and when you can get whatever is on your mind!

Veggie options in Bruges

Bars und cafés Gastronomie

Nowadays, good veggie/vegan restaurant is classic thing in every city. The life with a conviction to not eat meat or dairy products is in Bruges easy – you can find nice restaurants with friendly owners in here. Here is the list of the best places to get breakfast, lunch, dinner or just have a nice coffee with tasty dessert. Everything in veggie/vegan edition!

The Best Hip Breakfast Spots in Bruges

Bars und cafés Gastronomie

The taste of bagels just out of the oven and the smell of refreshing coffee in a trendy place? We chose the best hip five breakfast spots in Bruges. Try the one that suits your palate the most and your body will be fully prepared for the rest of your long day in Bruges!

Two restaurants I really like in Bruges in Belgium

Bars und cafés Gastronomie

During our stay in Flanders, we had the luxury of being able to eat at a lot of nice and pleasant restaurants. These are my 2 favourite restaurants in Bruges. One has a really cosy and intimate atmosphere, the other one has fantastic food.

City short break: 24h in bustling Bruges

Bars und cafés Gastronomie

There is much more to this city than the classical highlights. I decide to go a little more off the beaten track. With the aid of the user-friendly Handmade in Brugge map and the Xplore Bruges app nothing can go wrong.

Travel: in search of trendy Bruges in autumn

Bars und cafés Gastronomie

It’s the city known for chocolate milk, fries and beer. Well, that’s the “boring” side of Bruges that we all know! What else do we know about the city? The historic city centre is beautiful, it has canals and swans, huge churches, and is on the UNESCO world heritage list.