The other Flemish art cities

  • Gent (Ghent)
    today: closed
    The people of Ghent have always been a bit rebellious.
  • Antwerpen (Antwerp)
    today: Open
    Antwerp has a lot to offer: a beautiful cathedral and numerous imposing churches, a magnificent Central Station, the ground-breaking Museum on the River (MAS), the tranquil Rubens House, a delightful sculpture garden (Middelheim), a zoo with a history and so much more.
  • The whole world comes together in Brussels, with a different continent around every corner, from the exotic Matonge quarter to the stately elegance of the European institutions.
  • Louvain is without a doubt the number one student city in Belgium.
  • Although the smallest of the Flemish art cities, Mechelen is well worth a visit.
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