30/05/2019 the Procession of the Holy Blood

On Thursday 30 May the Procession of the Holy Blood will be passing through the city centre of Bruges. The procession will temporary affect access to the city centre and accommodation situated along or near to the route.

From 8 am until after the dissolution of the procession, all traffic is prohibited in the Oude Burg, Nieuwstraat, Sint-Niklaasstraat, Oude Zomerstraat, Minderbroederstraat, Park and Pandreitje.

From 1 pm until after passing of the procession (around 6 pm) all traffic is forbidden in the Wollestraat, Dijver, Gruuthusestraat, Guido Gezelleplein, Mariastraat, Simon Stevinplein, Steenstraat, Zuidzandstraat, Hauwerstraat, Maagdenstraat (between the Klopstraat and the Smedenstraat), Smedenstraat, 't Zand, Noordzandstraat, Geldmuntstraat, Eiermarkt, Markt, Rozenhoedkaai and Braambergstraat.

From 8 am, Parking Pandreitje will no longer be accessible except for exciting the compound. Parking Zilverpand can't be used between 1 pm and 6 pm. Carriages and tourist buses will tour until 12 am and will thereafter leave the city. Touring will resume starting from 6.30 pm. Boats trips will not be affected and will continue to tour.

We encourage everyone to travel to Bruges this day by public transport. Are you coming to Bruges by car? If so, consult the information on parking in the city. If you are staying in Bruges, find out in advance about the parking options where you are being accommodated. For more information about the Procession of the Holy Blood, click here.

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